Our Area


Moore County is locally referred to as “The Sandhills” because of our sandy soil that growssuch beautiful Azaleas and makes our golf courses so stellar! Four towns comprise a rough square in the county: Pinehurst on the West side, Southern Pines on the East, Aberdeen to the South, and Whispering Pines to the North. Each town has it own personality and look.

Of all our towns, the Village of Pinehurst is undoubtedly the most well known because of the famous Pinehurst Resort which is comprised of the Carolina Hotel & Spa, and nine golf courses ~ one of which is the legendary Pinehurst No. 2 course. Excitement is already building because Pinehurst No. 2 with be the host site for the 2024 US Open Golf Tournament. Pinehurst has the largest population of the towns with over 16,000 people, most of whom live in the area outside the Village. Walking through the lovely Village streets brings you to delightful shops, an array of restaurants and pub, and a feeling that time is standing still just for you to enjoy. And when the sun begins to set, join friends, neighbors,and visitors on the Tufts Green in the Village for Pinehurst’s Live After 5 music festival heldonce each month from 5:30 to 8:30 pm ~~ Food Trucks too! The Pinehurst Recreation depart- ment sponsors Family Movie Night in the beautiful outdoor Arboretum. Of course, Jazz in January and Wine Walk are other fun events ~~ so much to do!!
→ www.villageofpinehurst.org

The town of Southern Pines is only slightly less populous than Pine- hurst with almost 14,000 people, but has a distinctly different small town flavor. From itsinception, train tracks have run through the center of downtown since the late 1880’s and areflanked by charming shops, gourmet restaurants, a local bookstore, and our Sunrise Theater (which has a live feed to the NY Philharmonic and serves wine!). In 2006 the train station was renovated and now has a dual role: providing visitor information and serving as a wait-ing place for those traveling on Amtrak’s daily North and Southbound trains; CSX also movesfreight through the town and enthralls any children who happen to be nearby. Southern Pines has First Friday when everyone gathers in the streets by the Sunrise Theater for musical per- formances ~ picnics permitted! Southern Pines has long been the equestrian center of Moore County with beautiful, picturesque horse farms, an active Hunt Association, and the Walter Moss Foundation with its miles of riding trails. Equestrian events showcase dressage, car- riage riding, and matinee races. The Christmas Carriage Parade through downtown Southern Pines delights young and old alike!
→ www.southernpines.net


With almost 7,500 residents, the Town of Aberdeen is changing and growing each year.Four main streets provide entrancing shops to explore and three special restauants to enjoy. Aberdeen’s His-toric District includes 88 acres populated with 19th/early 20th Century buildings making it a wonderful place for the antique and collectible shops which dot the area. Two furniture stores, several gift shops, and an equestrian tack shop make an enjoyable day of browsing. Have lunch at the Bakehouse, the DoubleEagle Grill , or drive a couple of blocks to Danny’s House of Fish ~~ so many delicious choices!

Seven Lakes has over 5,000 residents and is the largest unincorporated community in Moore County. This area was developed in three phases: first the North side ~ 7 Lakes North; then the South side ~ 7 Lakes South; and later 7 Lakes West known as Beacon Ridge. The North and South sides have almost 1100 acres where streams were dammed to create seven spring-fed lakes which offer amenities such as boating, swimming, and gathering places for friends to get together. The South side also has a golf course designed by Peter Tufts. As the area continuing to grow and attract homeowners, 3200 acres was developed on the West side around an 800 acres spring-fed lake; it also has a semi-private golf and tennis club known as Beacon Ridge. Of course many beautiful waterfront homes have been built around these lakes which provide so much enjoyment to all who like in the community.
→ www.sevenlakesnc.org.

While this town was incorporated in 1969, it actually got its start in 1959 when A.B. Hardee purchased 475 acres and began developing a residential community and golf course. From a small start came great things! Currently there are over 3,000 residents who live here; there are 3,000 acres, 8 lakes, and 3 semi-private golf courses for those living in the community to enjoy, as well as the lovely Coun- try Club of Whispering Pines with its excellent Chef who provides fine dining and casual fare. Recently Whispering Pines has had an amazing surge of new home construction to accommodate our military familiessince it’s an easy commute to Ft. Bragg. This is not really town for shopping and dining but rather a greatcommunity in which to live for those who love water sports, nature walks, and the outdoor life.